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June 2015

Message from Luchmyparsad Aujayeb, Director General

2017-01-13T02:16:37+04:00June 1st, 2015|Categories: Message|

The past few months have been crucial for ICAC. The findings of the National Survey on Corruption published in March 2015 were a wakeup call, leading us to an introspective exercise with a view to amend our global strategy in the fight against corruption and money laundering. We have kick started a comprehensive sensitisation campaign [...]

May 2015

Interview of Jane Valls, CEO of the Mauritius Institute of Directors

2017-01-13T02:16:37+04:00May 25th, 2015|Categories: Message|

All stakeholders working together is essential Briefly, how and why did the MiOD get involved with ICAC in the fight against corruption in the private sector? ICAC organised a workshop for the private sector in November 2012 on the issue of corruption in Mauritius. The workshop was attended by approximately 70 participants mainly from the [...]