Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Office of Integrity and Anti-Corruption of the African Development Bank Group

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Office of Integrity and Anti-Corruption (PIAC) of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) signed a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in a significant move towards reinforcing the fight against corruption in Mauritius. The ceremony took place at the ICAC Headquarters on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, marking an important step forward in their collaborative efforts to combat financial crimes.

The signatories of this agreement were the Director-General of ICAC, Dr. Navin Beekarry, and the Director of the PIAC of the AfDB, Mrs. Paula Santos Da Costa. The Executive Director of the AfDB, Mr. Gerard Pascal Bussier, along with other distinguished personalities including members of diplomatic corps, graced the event with their presence.

In his address, Dr. Navin Beekarry highlighted the need to further consolidate collaborative efforts among anti-corruption authorities and key institutions in the region. He recalled the initial MoU signed in 2013 with the AfDB, emphasizing the importance of keeping pace with the evolving nature of transnational financial crime. Dr. Beekarry stressed upon the sustained cooperation between ICAC and AfDB, emphasizing that the revised MoU would enable both entities to further strengthen their collective efforts in the fight against financial crimes. Dr Beekarry highlighted that countries should prioritise informal cooperation in fight against transnational financial crime. Informal cooperation encourages cross-border collaboration thereby facilitating the exchange of critical intelligence and best practices among various stakeholders.

In her intervention, Mrs Paula Santos Da Costa, emphasised on the shared commitment of ICAC and AfDB to working together towards common goals and objectives. She acknowledged the importance of fostering partnership and cooperation between anti-corruption agencies and other key institutions in the African region, highlighting the positive ramification of such cooperation in the region. Regarding the MoU, Mrs Da Costa highlighted the reason for reviewing the MoU and added that the cooperation between PIAC and ICAC has extended beyond the scope of the 2013 MoU and now includes areas around investigation, information and intelligence sharing. The reviewed MoU underscores the significance of not only preventing corrupt practices but also effectively uncovering and prosecuting corruption when it occurs.

For his part, Mr. Gerard Pascal Bussier, the Executive Director of the AfDB, echoed the sentiment that this revised MoU represents another step forward in their joint efforts to combat corruption and promote integrity and good governance. He emphasized that this partnership allows for the exchange of best practices and closer collaboration between the two institutions in both prevention and investigation activities, ensuring a more effective approach in the fight against corruption. He highlighted that the AfDB is committed to supporting the African region and will continually ally with African countries on numerous initiatives including anti-corruption.

The signing of the revised MoU between ICAC and AfDB bears testimony the parties’ mutual commitment to further enhance collaboration for a more effective fight against corruption. With enhanced collaboration in both prevention and investigation, the two organisations are well-positioned to contribute to better governance, ultimately leading to improved economic and social outcomes for the African continent.