Youth Integrity Meet: “Youth forging ahead for a corrupt-free society”

Organised by the Independent Commission Against Corruption in collaboration with Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation

The young generation is a key agent of change. The actions of the youth can have a positive impact on the mindset of the population. Securing their engagement in the fight against corruption is not a mere option but an imperative since they represent a major segment of the population. In this context, the ICAC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports, and Recreation, organised a Youth Integrity Meet on the theme “Fighting Corruption: Youth forging ahead for a corrupt-free society”.

Saturday 7 October 2023 was not a normal day at the ICAC Headquarters. Words like ‘Koripsion nu pa oule’, ‘mwa mo kapav fer la diferans’, ‘mwa zen monn anvi sanz destin sa pei la ek mo konserne par koripsion’ were echoing in the compound. The day witnessed over 100 youngsters gathering at the ICAC, for a half-day workshop. Essentially, the workshop aimed at enhancing youth knowledge on corruption and providing an opportunity for them to meet and share their views and concerns on the national fight against corruption.

Speakers who addressed the audience were Dr. A. Sreekeessoon, Director of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports, and Recreation and Mrs N. Suneechur-Nunkoo, Supervising Officer of the Corruption Prevention and Education Division of the ICAC. Dr. Sreekeessoon emphasised the power and role of the youth in combatting corruption, and she thanked the ICAC for such collaboration and highlighted that her Ministry will no doubt collaborate in other similar initiatives involving the youth. For her part, Mrs Suneechur-Nunkoo, highlighted the need for sustaining youth engagement in the fight against corruption. She also encouraged participants to voice out their concerns, suggestions, and ideas.

To facilitate in-depth discussions during the workshop, participants of the Youth Integrity Meet were divided into two groups. The first group which was led by Mr. Kevin Seeburrun, a Young Professional, engaged in an open discussion on the theme “Koripsion: Zenes ki to rol?”. Participants were encouraged to reflect on their role in fighting corruption, such as  becoming peer leaders, and ambassadors for change. The second group was led by Ms. Nansha Bholah and Mr Yovan Taimant, Young Professionals. This group tackled the topic “Koripsion: Zenes ki linpakt lor twa?” The session prompted participants to contemplate the profound impact that corruption has on youngsters and the society.

Following the group work, an open discussion was held. The discussions covered a wide array of topics, including the economic consequences caused by corruption, the importance of nurturing values, the role of the youth as peer leaders and ambassadors, the need for sensitisation campaigns, and the development of mobile applications to fight corruption. The depth of these discussions demonstrated participants’ commitment in making a difference in the fight against corruption.

Adding a creative touch to the event, the slam artist, Zainab Soyfoo, performed a slam recitation. The Youth Integrity Meet also featured a prize-giving ceremony for the National Anti-Corruption Fresco Competition 2022, launched by the ICAC in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill. This competition not only showcased the artistic talents of the youth but also their dedication to addressing corruption through creative means. The winners, were celebrated for their ability to convey powerful anti-corruption messages through art. The first prize winner of this competition was awarded to the team comprising Pascal Gaspard, Prashant Ramessur, and Nikhil Budlorum.

In conclusion, the Youth Integrity Meet met its objectives, leaving a palpable impact on the participants and reaffirming youth engagement in the fight against corruption. By fostering discussions, encouraging creative expression, and providing a platform for collaboration, the event set the stage for a brighter future in Mauritius. Ultimately, it was a reminder that the fight against corruption is a collective effort where the youth has a pivotal role to play!