Workshop for Holistic Education Programme (HEP) Educators of primary schools

Speakers, representatives of Independent Commission Against Corruption, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science, and Technology & Mauritius Institute of Education

Introducing children to the concept of values at a young age can help them to develop a strong moral compass and a good sense of what is right and wrong. Such components are essential since these can shape children’s values for the future. In this context, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) organized a half-day workshop on October 20, 2023, for Holistic Education Programme (HEP) educators. This workshop formed part of the pilot testing phase of the ‘Anti-Corruption and Integrity (Interactive) Learning material’ videos developed by the ICAC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology (MoE) and the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) for pupils of grades 4 and 5.

These videos are not just a means of educating young minds about corruption but rather illustrates the importance of having the right set of values such as honesty, integrity, and respect.

In her address, Mrs. Shalini Mahadowa-Reechaye, Assistant Director, MoE emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to education which is not only focuses on syllabus and assessments, but also the development of the whole individual such as the physical, emotional, social, and moral aspects. She also pointed out that HEP educators play a crucial role in conveying value-based messages and guide young learners to become a well-rounded individual.

For her part, Mrs Nandita Suneechur-Nunkoo, Supervising Officer of the Corruption Prevention and Education Division, ICAC, highlighted the importance of the empowerment workshop in providing guidance to HEP educators on how to pass on the value-based messages contained in the animated videos to pupils.  She also made an appeal to all stakeholders to join hands together to work towards a corrupt free society. Mrs Nunkoo also underscored the rippling effects of such videos on the society at large where children may share their experiences with their parents and other members of the society.

The resource persons comprised Mr. Jay Ramsaha, Senior Lecturer, MIE, Mr. Somrajsingh Dhunoo, Associate Professor, MIE. They presented guidelines and provided insights on the appropriate methodologies to be used by the HEP educators.

Click here to view the Anti-Corruption and Integrity (Interactive) Learning materials.

Images of the workshop