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The Court suspended the sentence of 3 months of imprisonment on the convicted person and ordered a social enquiry report to determine whether the accused is fit to perform community service order. Moreover, Accused [...]

ICAC V Siu Yin Annick HOW TUE

The Court suspended the sentence of imprisonment on the convicted person and make a community service order requiring the convicted person to perform unpaid work in the open for 90 hours subject to certain [...]

Sentence in the case of ICAC v Emmanuel

Accused has been sentenced to pay fines under each of the 8 counts, as charged. Click on the document above to read online. Alternatively, click here to download the full Sentence. [...]

Offences Illustrated: Section 9 – Influencing Public Official

Disclaimer: The extracts illustrated above are based on corruption offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002. They do not purport to interpret the law and are for general guidance only. They certainly do not include/cover all possible situations/scenarios of each corruption offence and cannot substitute the law. You are advised to seek legal advice in case of doubt.