Obligation to make Declaration of Assets and Liabilities

In view of the forthcoming Village Council General Elections to be held on Sunday 22 November 2020 and nomination day fixed for Saturday 31 October 2020, all District Councillors are reminded of their obligations under section 4(1)(c) of the Declaration of Assets Act 2018, as amended, to make a declaration of their assets and liabilities with ICAC, including the assets and liabilities of their spouse and their minor children, not later than 30 days as from 30 October 2020, on the prescribed form.

Regulations 2020

The Declaration of Assets (Extension of Time During COVID-19 Period) Regulations 2020, came into operation on 25 July 2020

Update on Deadline for Filing of Declaration of Assets Forms

Please be advised that the deadline for filing of Declaration of Assets Forms has been updated in accordance with the Circular dated 05 November 2019 issued by the Prime Minister’s Office as attached.

The Declaration of Assets (Amendment) Act 2019

The Declaration of Assets (Amendment) Act 2019, gazetted on 06 July 2019, came into force, upon proclamation, on 22 August 2019. The Amendment Act, inter alia:
(i) provides for a wider definition of “assets”;
(ii) excludes judicial officers from making any declaration;
(iii) defines and makes provision for a prescribed list for “State-owned Enterprises”;
(iv) provides new delay for the declaration of assets and liabilities; and
(v) revokes the Declaration of Assets (Prescribed Forms) Regulations 2019.

Communique oct 19

Communique for 20 October 2019

Government Notice No.177 of 2019.

Government Notice No.177 of 2019

The attention of the public is drawn to the contents of Government Notice No.177 of 2019.
However, the guidelines remain valid except for State Owned Enterprises.