African Anti-Corruption Day 2023 Celebrated with Youth-Led Forum in Mauritius

In honor of the African Anti-Corruption Day, officially recognized on July 11 by the African Union, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) organized a forum at its headquarters in Reduit. This event, organized in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Academic Forum (ACAF), centered around the theme of ‘Harnessing meaningful Youth Engagement in the Fight Against Corruption’ for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Prominent figures from various sectors graced the event, including Honourable Ms. Yvonne Mutepuka Chibiya,Board Member of the African Union Advisory Board Against Corruption (AUABC), Ms. Nundini Akaloo, Senior Lecturer and Chair Academic at Université des Mascareignes, and Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption Academic Forum (ACAF), and Mrs. Nandita Suneechur-Nunkoo, the Supervising Officer of Corruption Prevention and Education Division of ICAC.

During their addresses, these speakers underscored the crucial role of individuals in the fight against corruption. While acknowledging the existence of institutions and agencies to combat corruption, they emphasized that the battle against this menace must also commence at a personal level. Every citizen, from the common person to the highest authority, holds the power to make a difference in curbing corruption on the African continent. Encouraging the active participation of the youth in this endeavor was deemed paramount for fostering a transparent and accountable society.

The speakers extolled the remarkable potential of the younger generation to instigate significant change and challenge prevailing norms. They commended the youth for their adeptness in utilizing emerging technologies and social media platforms, recognizing these as potent tools for raising awareness and mobilizing people against corruption.

The forum witnessed an illustrious panel of speakers, including the Moderator, Ms. Rubina Fareed, Senior Lecturer at Université des Mascareignes and ACAF Member, Associate Professor Mrs. Fazeela Banu, Deputy Director of Amity Institute for Higher Education and ACAF Member, Mr. Jayganesh Dawosing, Lecturer at Mahatma Gandhi Institute and ACAF Member, and Ms. Nandika Boodhoo, Chairperson of Inter-University Students Anti-Corruption Forum.

The discussions focused on the importance of ethical values in guiding the youth to reflect on ways to take up responsibilities in the fight against corruption. Moreover, the forum sought to synergize anti-corruption youth actions to enhance their effectiveness in combating corruption.

A key takeaway from the event was the encouragement for higher education students to spearhead anti-corruption initiatives on their campuses, with full support from ICAC. The symbiotic collaboration between institutions and the youth holds the potential to usher in a new era of transparency and integrity in society.

As the forum concluded, the resounding message was clear: the fight against corruption is a collective effort, requiring the active involvement of every citizen, particularly the vibrant and forward-thinking youth, to safeguard Africa’s future from the clutches of corruption.