The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is presently compiling a list of potential suppliers who wish to be registered as potential suppliers for goods, works and services for the following items:

1.  Office Furniture12.  Hardware Shops                     (Quincaillerie)23.  Billboards, Signboards, Sign Plates and panels.34.  Advertising Agencies (Press Notices)
2.  Computer        hardware and software13.  Banners, flags, signs and rubber stamps24.  Books, Law books, magazines and periodicals35.  Job / Registered contractors (Building, Partitioning, Electrical, Data Cabling, Telephone Cabling)
3.  Office Equipment14.  Catering services25.  Spare parts for Vehicles36.  Audio Visual and Photo Services
4.  Trophy, medals and shields15.  Cellular phones and services26.  Security services37.  Binding Services
5.  Genuine Toners16.  Pest control specialists27.  Sound System38.  Market surveys
6.  Printing works17.  Cleaning services28.  Car Dealers (New)39.  Blinds
7.  Stationery18.  Hygiene services29.  Plumbing Services40.  Translators
8.  Paper and Paper product (photocopy paper, tissue paper, toilet paper)19.  Tyre and Battery suppliers and services


30.  Electrical and electronic accessories and equipment.


41.  Electronic Equipment
9.  Air Conditioners20.  Maintenance of Air Conditioners31.  Aluminium Works42.  Information and Technology
10.  Landscaping21.  Computer Network Equipment32.  Registered Architects43.  Registered Engineers
11.  Paints22.  Water Dispenser33.  Decorative Plants44.  Any other goods not listed above

Interested parties should submit a detailed profile of their enterprise on the registered forms downloaded from the ICAC website: or obtainable at the Procurement Section, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Headquarters, Réduit Triangle, Moka.

The attention of the applicants is hereby drawn to the fact that ICAC has no contractual obligation towards them and this shall not entitle them to become exclusive providers of goods and services to ICAC.

Registration Form duly completed, addressed to the Acting Director, Corporate Services Division, should be deposited in the tender box situated at Ground floor, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Headquarters, Réduit Triangle, Moka, not later than Monday 09 October 2017. Forms received after the prescribed date and time shall not be considered.

ICAC Headquarters
Réduit Triangle,
09 September 2017