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August 2017

ICAC Newsletter – July 2017

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Contents Reengineering the Fight against Money Laundering International Assessment: Mauritius tested on ESAAMLG and UNCAC compliance ICAC mission to Rodrigues Symposium: Academics on Anti-corruption, Integrity & Ethics ICAC International Cooperation & Capacity Building Enhancing the ICAC Legal Division Awareness campaign: 6 000 students empowered to nurture a culture of integrity Fostering community engagement: The [...]

February 2017

ICAC Newsletter January 2017

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Contents 2016: The Year In Statistics ICAC reflects on the fight against corruption with stakeholders Activities organised during the International Anti Corruption Day Anti-Corruption initiatives in the Private Sector International cooperation through the UNCAC Noteworthy Court Decisions in 2016 Forthcoming activities in 2017 ICAC Welfare Association: Foyer Mgr Leen Project   [...]

April 2016

ICAC Newsletter April 2016

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Contents 2016: The Year So Far 250 HSC Students Discuss Worldwide Corruption The UNODC on the SIDS Anti-Corruption Research Centre "Be an Anti-Corruption Star" Promoting a culture of integrity within the Police Force Anti-Corruption Course from the UNODC now available

December 2015

ICAC Newsletter December 2015

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Contents 2015: The Year in Statistics UNCAC: State Parties discuss Corruption in Russia International Cooperation: UNODC National Anti-Corruption Strategies ICAC & CBI (India) in talks to sign MoU Annual Lecture: International Anti-Corruption Day 2015 International Cooperation: Foreign Delegation on Study Tours at ICAC ICAC's Anti-Corruption Education Strategy 2016-2017 YAC: the Youth Networking Forum - [...]

September 2015

June 2015

ICAC Newsletter June 2015

2017-01-13T02:16:37+00:00 June 28th, 2015|Categories: Newsletter|

Contents Corruption in the private sector: the fight is on! Interview of Jane Valls, the CEO of the Mauritius Institute of Directors Media: key component in the fight against corruption Empowering public officials for early detection Message from Luchmyparsad Aujayeb, Director General Commonwealth Secretariat Training Programme Interview of Dr. Roger Koranteng, Governance Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat Forthcoming [...]

March 2015

ICAC Newsletter March 2015

2017-01-13T02:16:37+00:00 March 13th, 2015|Categories: Newsletter|

Contents Fighting Corruption: A Change in Mindset Needed Study on Recruitment and Selection in Para-statal Tim Steele: "With the FCC, Mauritius will again be a front-runner" Working session with Deodat Maharaj, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth MACOSS explores avenues of collaboration with ICAC UNODC workshop on Asset Recovery [...]

September 2014

ICAC Newsletter September 2014

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Contents "Nouveau Revers Pour l'ICAC" Proposition: Stage aux jeunes chercheurs d'emploi Les jeunes persistent et signent! Cas d'école: Harry Sookun – Pourquoi une affaire est-elle interrompue? En sus des cas logés, ces enquêtes concluantes Stage aux jeunes sans-emploi La force policière répond favorablement à l'ICAC Youth Against Corruption – Les jeunes persistent et signent! [...]

June 2014

February 2014

ICAC Newsletter February 2014

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Contents Confidentiality & corruption investigation: the boundaries 3rd Commonwealth Conference for Anti-corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa Keeping things in the dark? L’ICAC déménage Corps paraétatiques : l’ICAC s’attèle au système de recrutement L’ICAC est sur Facebook L’ICAC se dote d’une « IT Forensic Lab » L’ICAC en chiffres [...]