Be an anti-corruption fighter and demonstrate your willingness to promote integrity for a brighter future.

In line with its mandate to prevent and eliminate corruption, the ICAC is inviting students of Grades 9 to 13 of the Republic of Mauritius (including Rodrigues and Agalega) to design a logo for Integrity Clubs in secondary schools. The logo will represent the visual identity for Integrity Clubs. The aim is to unleash young people’s creativity and designing skills in the promotion of integrity.


  • Submission of participation forms: 05 March 2020 *
  • Submission of logos: 03 April 2020

Winner/s will be awarded Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
Certificates of participation will be given to all participants having satisfied the minimum criteria.

*Kindly note that the deadline for the submission of participation forms has been extended to Friday 20 March 2020. To recall, schools may submit any number of entries. The deadline for the submission of the logos is Friday 03 April 2020.