Edit: Due to the increasing number of requests received from schools, the deadline for participating in the Letter Writing competition has been extended to Monday 28 August 2017.

ICAC is launching a value-based competition entitled ‘Letter Writing to the Director-General of the Independent Commission Against Corruption’.

The objectives of this initiative are to:

  • provide an opportunity to create greater awareness on ‘responsible citizenship’ at the level of the primary school community;
  • urge upper primary school children to reflect on the need to build a better future by upholding honesty/integrity at all times; and
  • strengthen the ability of school children to develop their communication / writing skills and subsequently forge their self-confidence.


All pupils in Grades 5 and 6 in the Republic of Mauritius (including Rodrigues and Agalega).


Only ONE entry per participant will be accepted. Entry must be the original work of the participant.


The A4 letter should be neatly handwritten either in English or French.


‘Be a Responsible Citizen, Be an Anti-Corruption Hero’.


A. School children are expected to write to the Director-General of ICAC to:

  • voice their concerns about anti-corruption values (such as honesty and integrity);
  • clearly state how they imagine their country where there is no place for bad/dishonest practices;
  • depict relevant real-life examples related to good and bad practices/manners and their consequences; and
  • propose relevant solutions for making the country the best place to live in, with honesty and integrity as pillars of our society.

B. The letter should be to the point and should contain a maximum of 250 words related to the central theme. It should be well presented, as per the proper format of a formal letter.

C. Participants are expected to be as creative/original/imaginative and innovative as possible. The letter should be unpublished and free from copyright. Participants will be penalised in case of plagiarism.

D. Name of participant should not appear on the letter.


Entries will be assessed on the following, amongst others:

  • Adherence/ relevance to the central theme
  • Handwritten and original work
  • Quality of language
  • Structure and organisation
  • Innovation, creativity and originality

For more information, click below to view the participation guide.