The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) invites potential suppliers/contractors who wish to be registered as potential suppliers for goods, works, and services listed below. 

Computer set, Laptop, printer, scanner,
tablet, MacBook, Net book, Server, router,
Forensic Servers, mobile printers, SAN,
NAS, switch, firewall, lcd monitor, graphic
cards (GPUs), Processors (CPUs), RAM,
SSDs, HDDs.Photocopy machine, Paper shredders, fax
machine, binding machine, safe, UPS,
Office desk, chairs, computer table, filing
cabinet, metal cupboard, trolley, Metal
rack, wooden cupboard, Mobile filing
cabinets, water dispenser, Air conditioners.

Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles,
Evidence plastic and paper bags,
Binoculars, Protective helmets, Digital
cameras, Projectors, Office stationery,
Toners, Photocopy paper, Envelopes,
Diaries, Trophies ,Medals, Shields, Mobile
phones, Electrical and plumbing materials,
Signs board, Flags, rubber stamps,
Banners, Security equipment, Raincoats,
Umbrellas, Protective Jackets, tissue paper
and toilet paper,

Battery and Tyres
suppliers and services, Billboards,
Signboards and Sign Plates and panels,
Books, Law books, magazines and
periodicals, Spare parts , electrical and
electronic accessories, Electronic
attendance system, stand fan, air cooler,
Electrical equipment, Blinds and Curtains,
pharmaceutical items, Sanitizers, Health &
Safety items

Waterproofing works.
Building construction
works.Plumbing works. Electrical
works. Partitioning works,
Refurbishment works.Tiles
and flooring works.
Aluminium doors and
openings work.

Painting works.

Maintenance and Repairs
of lifts.

Data Cabling works. Metal

Minor civil works.

Servicing of air conditioners,
Servicing of Lifts, Pest Control services, Cleaning Services,
Hygiene Services,  Security Services,
Sound System Services, Software providers,Tent Services, Hiring of Salle Blanche/ Salle verte, Hiring of Conference facilities/venues, Transport
Services/ Hiring of Bus services, Catering services.
CCTV Cameras, Fire Alarm System,

Network Services, PABX Services, Printing services,
Publications, Market Surveys, telephone
services, Hotel services, Fire Extinguishers
services. Rental of office. Rental of parking.

Potential suppliers shall submit a detailed profile of their enterprise on the Registered forms which can be downloaded here or obtainable at the ICAC Headquarters, Réduit Triangle, Moka.

Registration Form duly completed, together with the required documents, should be addressed to the Acting Director, Corporate Services Division, Independent
Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Headquarters, Réduit Triangle, Moka, either
by registered post or by email at [email protected] not later than Friday 29
September 2023 by 15.00 hours.

Applicants are informed that the ICAC has no contractual obligation towards them and this exercise shall not entitle them to become exclusive providers of goods and services to ICAC.

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