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June 2015

Forthcoming activities for 2015/2016

2017-01-13T02:16:37+04:00June 1st, 2015|Categories: News|

Sustaining Integrity in Public Service The public sector has been on the forefront in adopting concrete anti-corruption measures to eliminate opportunities for corruption, to make its detection easier and to deter potential corruptors. Anti-corruption efforts through a partnership and a holistic and integrated approach where systems integrity and people integrity complement each other will [...]

May 2015

Interview of Jane Valls, CEO of the Mauritius Institute of Directors

2017-01-13T02:16:37+04:00May 25th, 2015|Categories: Message|

All stakeholders working together is essential Briefly, how and why did the MiOD get involved with ICAC in the fight against corruption in the private sector? ICAC organised a workshop for the private sector in November 2012 on the issue of corruption in Mauritius. The workshop was attended by approximately 70 participants mainly from the [...]

Commonwealth Secretariat Training Programme

2017-01-13T02:16:37+04:00May 15th, 2015|Categories: News|

A delegation from the Commonwealth Secretariat was in Mauritius to assist ICAC in an 8-day training session at the Hilton Hotel Mauritius. The training sessions were held on the 20th to the 29th April 2015 and were attended by over 100 participants, mostly from ICAC, but also from sister agencies such as the Office of [...]

March 2015

ICAC Newsletter March 2015

2019-09-04T10:02:07+04:00March 13th, 2015|Categories: Newsletter|

Contents Fighting Corruption: A Change in Mindset Needed Study on Recruitment and Selection in Para-statal Tim Steele: "With the FCC, Mauritius will again be a front-runner" Working session with Deodat Maharaj, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth MACOSS explores avenues of collaboration with ICAC UNODC workshop on Asset Recovery CLICK HERE TO [...]

February 2015

National Survey on Corruption

2019-09-04T10:03:50+04:00February 28th, 2015|Categories: Codes and Guides|

Description This survey about the perception of corruption in Mauritius 2014 has been commissioned by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). This report is based on the opinions and experiences of 2,100 citizens aged between 18 and 65 in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The opinions and experiences of the sample of citizens do reflect those [...]

Research Study on Recruitment and Selection practices

2019-04-04T15:29:57+04:00February 27th, 2015|Categories: Codes and Guides|

Description This research study concerns recruitment and selection practices in parastatal bodies. Parastatal bodies are established statutorily under the aegis of Ministries/Departments as executive arms of Government with specific goals and objectives. They act as instruments of public policy for promoting economic and social development and other national objectives. Their scope of operation encompasses infrastructural, [...]

October 2014

Managing conflict of interests

2018-06-04T14:30:03+04:00October 28th, 2014|Categories: Codes and Guides|

Contents Understanding conflict of interests Identifying situations of conflict of interests Managing conflict of interests Am I in a situation of conflict of interests? What to do when in a situation of conflict of interests? Some frequently asked questions Appendix I – Model Conflict of Interests Declaration Form Appendix II – Model Conflict of [...]

September 2014

ICAC Newsletter September 2014

2019-09-04T10:05:02+04:00September 30th, 2014|Categories: Newsletter|

Contents "Nouveau Revers Pour l'ICAC" Proposition: Stage aux jeunes chercheurs d'emploi Les jeunes persistent et signent! Cas d'école: Harry Sookun – Pourquoi une affaire est-elle interrompue? En sus des cas logés, ces enquêtes concluantes Stage aux jeunes sans-emploi La force policière répond favorablement à l'ICAC Youth Against Corruption – Les jeunes persistent et signent! [...]

June 2014

May 2014

CPR Vol 1: Inspection of Works in Public Bodies

2018-12-18T15:35:39+04:00May 30th, 2014|Categories: Codes and Guides|

Description Section 20 (1) (g) of the PoCA, empowers the ICAC to « examine the practices and procedures of any public body in order to facilitate the discovery of acts of corruption and to secure the revision of methods of work or procedures which, in its opinion, may be conducive to corruption ». This exercise [...]