Commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day 2020

The International Anti-Corruption Day is commemorated on 9th December each year to mark the signing of the UN Convention against Corruption in Merida, Mexico. This day is commemorated to raise awareness about corruption and the Convention’s role in combatting and preventing corruption. During the past years, the ICAC has been commemorating the International Anti-Corruption Day by enlisting the active participation of its major stakeholders, namely the public and private sectors, civil society and youth (including would-be and young professionals).Traditional messages through print and other physical media are less and less effective in reaching the new generation, as there has been a shift in the interests of young people and the way they communicate. In this context, the ICAC organised a forum debate targeting principally young persons on the theme ‘‘Social Media in the Fight against Corruption”. The Forum Debate sought to trigger reflections among the new generation regarding the power of social media to drive social change to reinforce the fight against corruption.

During the forum debate, the ICAC E-learning Platform was launched by the Chief Guest of the event, Dr Laurent Musango, UN Resident Coordinator, Ad Interim.

The following two e-learning tools are available on ICAC E-Learning Platform and are open for registration for participants.

  • A Self-Learning Tool on Conflict of Interests for Public Officials;
  • A Learning Course for Integrity Club Facilitators.