The Independent Commission Against Corruption has taken cognisance of the press article which appeared in L’Express of today, 8th January 2019, under the heading “Medpoint: l’indécente volte-face de l’ICAC”. The Commission expresses reservations as to the contents of the said article which are based on incomplete information, inaccuracies and wrong interpretations.

However, the Commission wishes to state that any decision in relation to the present appeal pending before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has been taken in strict compliance with the rule of law, procedure and in respect of the judicial process. In so doing, the Commission acted in good faith, and without fear or favour.

The Commission also wishes to point out that any decision taken in relation to the present appeal between the 6th February 2018 and 22nd November 2018, regarding, inter alia
1. appearance before the Privy Council;
2. offer of submissions;
3. representation by counsel
has been in line with independent legal advice obtained by the Commission. Such decisions are in conformity with current practice in any court of Law.

In the circumstances, the Commission calls for restraint in view of the subjudice nature of the present appeal which is to be determined next week, as any comment on the matter may be construed as contempt of court.

8th January 2019