Commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2023 on the theme “Integrite pena prix”

The International Anti-Corruption Day, observed annually on December 9th, provides an opportunity for governments, organisations, and individuals worldwide to reflect on the impact of corruption on society and take collective action.

In the spirit of this day, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has launched a campaign titled “Integrite Pena Prix”, through a series of social media posts, TV spot, and a flagship video produced by the talented slam artist Casimir Stewelderson. This initiative aims at raising awareness on the detrimental effects of corruption, the need for personal integrity, and inspire citizens to actively contribute to build resistance against corruption.

ICAC Mauritius, through the launching of “Integrite Pena Prix,” calls upon the public to join hands in the fight against corruption. The Commission encourages citizens to be vigilant, report corrupt practices, and support initiatives aimed at promoting integrity. By fostering a culture that values transparency, integrity, and accountability, Mauritius can continue to make strides towards a corruption-free society.

Click below to view the slam video. You may visit our Facebook page ( to know more about this campaign.