In 2003, the UN General Assembly designated December 9 as International Anti-Corruption Day. This decision aimed to raise people’s awareness of corruption and of the role of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in combating and preventing the scourge. It provides an opportunity for Governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, the media and citizens around the world to join forces to fight corruption.

The theme chosen by ICAC this year is “Moris san koription depan lor mwa” (Mauritius rid of corruption rests on me). This message aims at highlighting that the fight against corruption is not only the responsibility and duty of ICAC, but of each and every citizen. The activities organised by ICAC to commemorate the 2018 International Anti-Corruption Day are in line with this message.

>Friday 07, December

In view of securing the commitment and active participation of the citizens of Mauritius and Rodrigues in the fight against corruption, the ICAC had launched the second edition of the Anti-Corruption Short Film Competition in September 2018. The main aim of the competition is to raise awareness amongst the population about the dangers of corruption and it has provided participants with an opportunity to tackle the different aspects of fighting corruption from a cinematic point of view. In the context of the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2018, the ICAC is organising the Award Ceremony of the Short Film Competition which will be held from 18 00 to 20 00 at Cinema Hall 1, Ciné Star Bagatelle, Moka.

>Saturday 08, December

ICAC staff will be mobilised for four outdoor campaigns around Mauritius, namely: Municipal Council of Vacoas/Phoenix, Vacoas, Centre Commercial, Vieux Moulin, Rose Belle, Richemare Community Centre, Flacq and Pamplemousses Social Welfare Centre, Pamplemousses. The public is invited to join us from 09 30 to 12 00 for activities, packaged as ‘edutainment’, that is with a pedagogical perspective. Members of coalitions set up by ICAC will be performing sketches and others, while members of the Mauritius Police Force and the Fire Services will be marching with ICAC officers. Finalists of the Short Film Competition will also be screened and special desks will be made available for people who wish to have information and/or register complaints with respect to corruption offences.