The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is inviting Grades 5 and 6 pupils of  Primary Schools to participate in an ‘Anti-Corruption Poem Competition’ on the theme  ‘Promoting honesty and responsibility for a corrupt-free society’. Poems may be written in English or French. The competition is open to all Grades 5 and 6 pupils in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega. The aim is to promote values and strengthen pupils’ knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to the issue of responsible citizenship in the fight against corruption.


Grade 5Grade 6
1st prize – Mini Tablet1st prize – Mini Tablet
2nd prize – Smart Watch2nd prize – Smart Watch
3rd prize – Blue Tooth Head Set3rd prize –  Blue Tooth Head Set

 Certificates of participation will be offered to all participants having satisfied the minimum criteria.

 Participants are required to submit their participation forms through their respective schools by Friday 15 March 2019. The date for submission of the poem is Friday 12 April 2019.