Division : Legal
Report To : Chief Legal Adviser


  • Barrister at Law with at least one year Standing at the Bar or Attorney at Law with at least one year experience.
  • Experience in Criminal Law, Civil Law and Administrative and Constitutional Law or Prosecution will be an advantage


  • Professionalism: Comprehensive knowledge of and experience in criminal, constitutional and administrative law; drafting skills in legal documents and legislative instruments; ability to work on different legal issues at one time; ability to work well under pressure and apply good judgment in decision making; ability to negotiate skillfully
  • Communication: Ability to communicate orally and to write skillfully
  • Teamwork: Ability to work in a team


  • To tender legal advice to the Commission, and on issues related to investigation into corruption and money laundering, criminal law and law of evidence
  • To liaise with the Director of Public Prosecutions under the supervision of the Chief Legal Adviser
  • To assist in tendering legal advice by the Division
  • To assist in the conduct of criminal, civil or any other public law proceedings to which the Commission is or may be a party
  • To undertake research and draft legal opinions
  • To undertake and assist in research projects in order to identify the causes of corruption and its consequences on, inter alia, the social and economic structure of Mauritius
  • To draft model codes of conduct and advise public bodies as to the adoption of such code of conduct as may be suited to such bodies
  • To cooperate and collaborate with international institutions, agencies or organisations in the fight against money laundering and corruption
  • To monitor current legislative and administrative practices
  • To advise the Commission on such legislative reform as it considers necessary to foster the elimination of acts of corruption
  • To execute any request for assistance referred to it by the FIU
  • To assist in the preparation and conduct of prosecution of cases involving corruption and money laundering
  • To vet any press communication prepared by the Press Unit
  • To perform such other duties related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Legal Adviser in the roles ascribed to him

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