In its resolve to fight corruption and money laundering in Mauritius, the Commission considers that it is imperative that all the national law enforcement agencies, which are engaged in this venture, join forces together to attain more effectiveness in their actions.

Since October of last year, the Investigation Division of ICAC has started to focus its actions on the investigation of money laundering related to drug trafficking. Similarly, the Mauritius Police Force and the Mauritius Revenue Authority are multiplying their efforts to track down those involved in this fight. It has to be highlighted though, that so far, the agencies have collaborated on an ad hoc basis.

In this context, a meeting, having as main objective to discuss the need to achieve greater and more effective collaboration and coordination among the relevant agencies, was held at ICAC on June 14, 2017, where the following stakeholders were present:

  • The Mauritius Police Force;
  • The Financial Intelligence Unit;
  • The Mauritius Revenue Authority;
  • The Financial Services Commission; and
  • The Mauritius Prisons Service.

The various stakeholders agreed:

  1. That there is a need for a closer and continuous collaboration and coordination to develop a common platform between the above-mentioned agencies;
  2. To develop an inter-agency Memorandum of Understanding, with broad objectives of better and more effective collaboration and coordination;
  3. That the agencies identify any challenges in relation to collaboration and to work towards finding appropriate solutions;
  4. To identify and designate a liaison officer within each agency;
  5. To have regular meetings of this collaborative platform at least once every three months; and
  6. To organise common educational and awareness campaigns regarding their activities.