The recruitment function in Parastatal Bodies (PSBs) is perceived as an area that is highly corruption prone. In this respect the Select Committee on Corruption rightly pointed out:

PSB board members and especially the chairmen and the CEOs are perceived, in Mauritius, to be kings within their own kingdom. The perception is that they wield influence, trade in their influence and thrive on their unlimited and unchecked power. They also have the monopoly of their decision and this monopoly is coupled with discretion.

(page 52 of the Report of the Select Committee on Corruption: 2001)

This document covers the different phases of the recruitment process and highlights the exposure to ethical dilemmas in the recruitment function. It allows PSBs to perform a self-assessment of their systems in respect of recruitment. It will guide organisations towards the best course of action in situations where the integrity of the recruitment process may be compromised.

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